14 Reasons To Pursue a Public Policy/Government Career

After seeing this photo essay on motherjones.com a few weeks back, I’ve been trying desperately to shake the images of scary Christian kids signing constricting legislature out of my mind.

 Reason #1

Reason #1

From Mother Jones:

Jona Frank takes an in-depth look at Patrick Henry College, home to the country’s brightest home schooled evangelical Christians. With a sharp, observational style of portraiture and accompanying interviews, Frank humanizes the school and the students.

Patrick Henry College has been called, rather quickly, the “Evangelical Ivy-League”. Which is to say, naturally, it partakes in all the similar rituals of racial, class, and social segregation as the Ivy system while adding fundamental Christianity to the already weighty and troubling abacus of crap.

While the photos are interesting and they allow us to peer in on a world we would usually have to convert to in order to see it in it’s purest and creepiest sense*, these student’s majors ( history, public policy, and government) are the type that people who’s intention it is to work as lobbyists, lawmakers, etc follow.

So, if in the future, you beign to wonder why your rights seem to be dwindling- why abortions are no longer legal, gays are going back in the closet, and you’re afraid to read blogs like this– remember that we told you so.

(*Because even during the Bush administration we were really looking in and trying to pathetically reason and compare notes as to what we — as in the we from “we the people”)–believed the Christian right believed in. But really we didn’t, didn’t in the same we don’t know what Mormons or Moonies or anyone who’s not us believes in.)

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