Life In Real Time: Shepard Fairey Arrested

We’re not going to go into how people really don’t know Shepard Fairey because he’s been around a lot longer than those Obama paintings, man. We’re not resentful skateboarders or that weird old dude who keeps showing up at the local all ages shows looking for old friends.

But needless to say, he is the artist who made those three-toned portraits of President Obama that became a ubiquitous part of his campaign.
We will say, Props for keeping it street.
Even after a decade of heavy OBEY fame along with the more recent Obama saturation, Fairey still has time to hit the streets in order to throw up.

There is an insightful side-note to this story that can be explicated about comparative stories in the internet age– Maybe Not.

While Huffington Post claims that Fairey was arrested last traveling to the opening night of his one man show at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art, Juxtapoz’ blog has a story about the event without mention to his arrest.
If Fairey was arrested and then attended the event without being shook by the incident the he is a badass.
Either way, we’re proud that we live in an age where we can be told separate and equally interesting narratives about the same person on the same day: It says something about us as a society, or maybe just Fairey.

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