What’s Your 10-4, HawkDick?

Yesterday I posted about the large amount of evangelical students studying Government at Patrick Henry College, the so-called “Evangelical Ivy-League.”
A few posts previous to that one was an entry about retarded people.
In this post the two converge!
And while concern over the beating that the constitution took over the last eight years burdens our souls and the injustice that disabled people are faced with make our hearts heavy, there is always the internet to remind you that the 1st Amendment is still being abused by retards like Alex Jones:

And while it is Jones right to free speech his intricate conspiracy theories that barely try to hide his deeply anti-Semitic, anti-government paranoia are hilarious. Once you get over the fact that their scary as fuck, that is.

Jones presence is strange because his basal stupidity grabs hold of your better nature and you want to think of him as Dan from Roseanne and not the strange combination of James Earl Ray and Jerry Lewis that he really is ( see roughly 3:00-3:25). Quickly that fades and you realize that before the internet Jones was probably one of those dudes who sat up all night on their CB’s scaring the shit out of people by telling them they were right outside their house in a Ford Turbo.

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