When Hubris Fails, Revert To Pompous & Cruel T-Shirts

A few days ago we saw a T-Shirt that scared the fuck out of us. Thinking that only real nuts would wear it and because we don’t live in the south– because political views where we live are kept to mumbles or come out as spotty racist tirades or maybe because the people here don’t have real balls or care– we assured ourselves that we wouldn’t see anyone wearing one. Ever.

If They Wear This

If They Wear This

You Wear That

You Wear That

We can’t say we were surprised to see that the same sentiment has been pasted onto a “Club Gitmo” T-shirt that is being sold by Rush Limbaugh. Meaning that the prospect of actually seeing someone wearing one has greatened significantly.
It has always been the job of “humor” to laugh rationality in the face– to take the truth and tell it to go give itself a hand job.
These shirts are like graphic representations of the skewed pattern of irrationality that Limabaugh has always subscribed to.
Along with that are our own shirts, less cruel and more truthful.

They Wear This

They Wear This

You're Wearing This

You're Wearing This

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One response to “When Hubris Fails, Revert To Pompous & Cruel T-Shirts

  1. yolatreacy

    I’d rather hire a Mexican

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