More Proof That Things Created To Make Learning Fun Only Make It Suck

Our first impression when we saw this video was: “Oh here is another dud from the mass educational-tool complex created by out of touch dickhead grad students.” And because we love the fulfillment that unnecessary self-adulation delivers, we went right over to the web site of Rythym Rhyme Results to confirm our hunch.
Here is more proof that educational accomplishments spit you further into a vortex of hopeless stupidity when it comes to having your hand on the pulse of youth culture:

“RRR’s in-house team leads a collaborative network of over 25 creative professionals, including lyricists, composers, vocalists, and producers. Many are graduates of Harvard University and the Berklee College of Music and reside in New York, Boston, Atlanta, and beyond.”

Below is an excerpt to the song titled “The Civil War.” We urge you to go listen to this track yourself and hear the bad ass gangster beats and the severity of the issue at hand. Think Suge Knight not Shock G, and it all makes you want to go fuck someone up. But the tracks on the site– along with the hard ass “Photosynthesis” featured on YouTube— sound so gangster that they serve as the primary premise as to why RRR misses the point: they’ve assumed that that’s what all rap sounds like and have gone and made songs that sound like “rap” music.
Still, the irony of genre and content mixing is priceless.

From The Civil War:

In March 1862
A water battle was fought that no one would lose
Monitor vs. Merrimac ended in a draw
Hopes soared high for the people up north

The Battle of Shiloh was the North’s victory
But one month later they retreated to DC
The confederate’s General Stonewall Jackson
Led the South to a few months of great action

But September that year marked defeat
For both the North and the South had blood on the streets
The Battle of Antietam goes down in the books
As the bloodiest day the U.S. military undertook

One more note. We don’t hate companies like Rhythm Rhyme Results Rap. They’re trying something new to help children learn and we doubt that there is a subversive,darker, motive(like having rappers rap about the Civil War, Slavery, or the Bill of Rights– all of which have royally fucked them– as some type of humorous racially motivated joke) We just think that they should go into a business that they know about– like penny loafers sales or something.

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