To Do List: 2/21/09

1) Finish Reading Audacity of Hope( god I don’t want it to end)
2) DVR Gilmore Girls
2) Get recipe from Ronnie for that bacon weave thing we had at the last dinner party
4) Buy Bow tie and (or) turtleneck. (check bank first online to make sure I don’t overdraft. See if you can get rid of Hitler B-Day pin via online or does it have to be done in person)
5) Give another listen to the new Antony and Johnsons record to see if it’s grown on me; Listen to Hold Time.
5) Get ready for the big day!! (Have confidence, Jed, c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-c-e. And not like that “oh yeah, my past as an Aryan Brother is dark but I’m okay now” Not like that, confidence like, “I think I’m the best librarian for this elementary-school-confidence.
6) Buy Visine– Read Hipster Runoff

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