Good News: Our Readership Consists of Skinheads, Gays, And Retard-Hunters

We Love Diversity At Douchebag Danceoff– even if two of the groups most likely are hatemongers and the other is looking for cheesy fashion tips, or information about Honda Civics.

We Don't Care What You Look Like

We Don't Care What You Look Like

We are happy to hear we were “nominated” for Blog of The Day. The last time we “Won” anything was at the hospitals kickball tournament.
We want to take a second to let our readership know they can feel as comfortable here as the woman in the above story does at the not-Walmart, you go girl!!! We’ve noticed a remarkable trend about our blog, thanks to the nifty WordPress stats app that is packaged with each blog.
According to the stats, the only people who are actually coming to our blog via google are Aryans looking for brothers, badly dressed homosexuals looking to find out how to get a Randy Jackson watch, and people who want to find out about MTV’s How’s Your News?
We were interested in the search results for HYN, which makes for the majority of searches: people typing in stuff like “retard + mtv”, “show with retards”, “retarded mtv” because they(kind of) remind us of the purpose of the post in the first place: MTV intentionally is promoting a show under the guise that they’re doing a social service but are, in fact, relying on their viewership of the show to come from stoned high-school kids looking for a laugh. The type who type stuff like “the mtv show with the retards.”
None-the-less, we’re happy to have you on board: keep searching for the huge media outlet and winding up here, even if its only for a second.

Retards and Skinheads

Retards and Skinheads

More Aryan, Randy, And Retards

More Aryan, Randy, And Retards

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