Literary Map + Linguistic Note

We’re sick of Amazon’s algorithm for suggesting what books it thinks we would like; Good Reads reminds us of the apartment bookshelf of every friend we’ve ever had, including ourselves. The two reminders together equal into one large and bright post-it reminder with a genital(male or female) drawn on it in crayon letting us know that the job of large online institutions– these two connected immediately through a nifty but irritatingly transparent business agreement — is to deceive our little consumer souls that the info they’re selling is the only info out there. If deceit is too strong of a word, than trick is right on the mark.

We were happy to find literature-map, a lo-fi computer-sciencey** application that generates authors according to other authors you like. It is pure text and all information– we were surprised that when we clicked on an author, we weren’t redirected to an online bookstore.
The best part is these are authors we’ve never heard/read before, so we feel like we’ve taken ourselves out of the circular filter mentioned above and are finally using the internet for its resourcefulness.

**We’re aware this use of -ey is some type of nuanced vernacular that Rosy O’Donnell invented as a way to empower awkward, sexually frustrated, angry, overweight Catholic women. It draws the line in the sand, speaks cute through the beard stubble and respiratory problems. Still, we’re secure in our masculinity but our language command is sometimes weak.

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