Is it us or have Craigslist users lost their umph?

It looks like after all the sex stings that have taken place using Craigslist recently, the cock-in-hand trollers have zipped up and took all that glory hole energy and moved its gravitational center into C.L.’s Rant’s And Raves universe. This, naturally, to the detriment of cyberspace.

What Is Going On?

What Is Going On?

Most of the posts seem like strange tone poems on topics only the author is aware of or notes scribbled down while dreaming: the effect is so bizarre that you wonder why a) these people don’t get their own blog b) if all the crazy homeless people we see at the library on the computers are the authors.
We guarantee that by spending time on any cities R&R section, you will feel a surge in personal self-esteem: you’re small dick syndrome subsides; educational incompetency falls by the wayside; your view on Global Issues will make you feel like you could debate with Chomsky.
Here are some of our favorites each featuring the staples of certifiable nuttery: anthropomorphism, fringe conservatism ( see cowardice), fabricated g-friend stories/sex fantasy.

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