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Uncoolhunting: Baby Reborns

Yikes, our new uncool spot comes in the form of sweatered women necromancing with the dead babies( they’re called reborns, alright) they’ve never had. If life were some Disney film or strange British miniseries in which these dolls could talk, they would definitely beg to be disassembled.

A few quick observations:
–Using the adjective awesome to describe anything other than non-effecting feelings or other things you generally don’t give a shit about is fine. When used by old nannies in pink rayon shirts to describe their non-child in the next room it compounds the case for creepiness.
— We surveyed and discovered that if we were approached in a supermarket by a woman with a baby that appears more dead than fake our reaction would be less surprise excitement and more of a bottled-up, uncomfortable, freak out. This leads us to belive the couple in the doc are both a) senile (see sling) b) drunk (see sling) c) senile and drunk (see sling).



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Indie Rock Food, Indie Rock Sweat

A few weeks ago The Unblinking Ear made us hip to a distasteful marketing trend. Indie Rock Cardio looks like a last attempt by Chaos, of Main Street Dairy Queen fame, to get the break she’s been waiting for. You Go Girl!!!
For those who think their depth and expertise of punk rock is unsurpassed,or if you are considering Indie Rock Cardio: subscribe to the Unblinking Ear’s podcast to be put humbly back in your place.
A singular object, idea, or institution cannot constitute a trend. Indie Rock Cardio here is your well deserved Look At All These People Biting Off My Shit Award.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is what the ON Network has to say about it’s totally whack Cooking With The Band:

The host is tattooed and goateed Sam Mason—“part rocker, part chef”—of New York’s WD-50, who employs the musical fingers of touring bands for help in making such exotic specialties as black olive cobbler and miso butterscotch halibut (along with more staid creations, like steak and frites and bagels and lox).

I’m not sure if we are supposed to be amazed that bands eat or we should feel so embarrassed by all of the people on the show that we experience some insight regarding human empathy?

Still, I’m happy that I can now cook great meals and not worry about packing on the pounds. Thank god for Indie-Rock!!

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