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Uncoolhunting: Oh No, Twice In One Week!!!

Has YouTube struck a deal with failed songwriters who now make educational music? A few days ago on their Featured Videos section there was the Presidential Rap ( we keep fucking up the rhyme at Truman). In “Twin Prime Conjecture” an Adam Carolla look-a-like does a bouncy dead-on Elvis Costello bit. And while we’re not sure if the comparison will get anything other than people deciding to never come back to this site, we’re so worried now about learningcore or edo becoming an interminable trend that our ability to write has been squelched. We think anything else worth saying was left as a simple message under the video:
From YouTube user kissmybuttdimple:

a true vision of hell…. this video makes me hate math…. and piano’s…..two things i used to really admire.

Our thoughts exactly.


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Pruane2Forever: “You’re a Media Whore, 50!!!”

1up YouTube for letting user Pruane2Forever direct the abuse and alienation he’s probably been feeling since he can remember towards the camera and not by shooting his school up.
Props to Pruane-Dog for calling out 50 Cent. It’s about time someone did it!

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