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Curio Cabinet: The Human Marvels

Grady Styles, Lobster Boy

Grady Styles, Lobster Boy

With all the recession stimulating smack talk going around recently we want to sometimes duck our heads back into the pre-internet age and wiz past even further to a period when you couldn’t rely on television, or pop stars, to scratch the universal itch to view freaks of nature.
The Human Marvels fills this exact need by offering a meticulously catalogued and well researched group of sideshow freaks, natural oddities, and complete physiological enigmas. You’ll realize quickly that the site not only scratches aforementioned itch but does so in a way that memorializes the people who are portrayed in the photos (We’re starting to sound like a hypertrichotic drunk).
Best of all, the site invokes all of the nostalgia that going to Coney Island has without all of Pratt’s dick hipster undergrads working on their portfolio and sweating with uniqueness.

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